Download HyperCard Stacks

In order to play these stacks you will need a Macintosh with System 7 or higher and HyperCard Player or HyperCard 2.1 or higher.
These are some stacks that I made in my HyperCard class in 8th grade, I am glad to say that I got A+'s on all of them.
  • How to take good photos is a how to stack that covers the basics of how to hold the camera, the right lens to use for the job, and a lot of tips.

  • Road Trip is a click button game of what would happen if you got in a certain accident and it animates it.

  • Peter's Christmas Stack is a click button animation of winter and christmas related things.

  • You can also find these HyperCard Stacks on America Online, do a search on Freehours9.
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