My Mac

My Mac is a ezine I found on America Online a couple of months ago. I have downloaded past issues and just recently I have sent in mail for a monthly subscription, so now I don't have to look for it every month now I have it right in the mail. My Mac is filled with software reviews, interviews, tech tips, thoughts about how Apple is run and how they think they should run things over there in Cupertino and tons of other topics, people's trouble with computer store clerks, and a lot of people that just like to talk about their Macintosh and what they like to do with it.

It was pretty fun to download all the past issues of My Mac(not so fun with all the newer issues which have a lot of art, not to complain though, that is what makes it look great to look at), because you could see how much more professional they have become and not to mention the more content they have added up to now. The current issue is #16, which is August. The new artist Mike Gorman is a real professional, all of his art looks great and funny.

Another great thing about My Mac is if you want to publish something in the ezine, they are more than welcome, why not if you want to speak your mind about something why not do it in a publication that a lot of people will see.

If you want to get a free monthly subscription email

[email protected]

For article or review submission send them to

[email protected]
for consideration.

My Mac also has a great web page at Http:// that you can get all the info on subscription and submission(I put the address above just for your convenience), you can also download past issues and the current issue, and pretty much everything you want to know about My Mac.

To find My Mac issues in the America Online Software libraries, do a search on "DS9DS9".

Well I hope I have turned you on to check out My Mac, because I know that you will enjoy it.

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