The Cure Midi Tracks

To play these midi tracks you will need a Macintosh with System 7 or higher with Movieplayer or any application that supports midi.
I got these midi tracks off America Online a long time ago, I don't know who recorded these and uploaded them and put them online but who ever did, thank you for them and I would put your name in here, but just so everyone knows that I didn't record these and I am just putting them in here for other people to enjoy them too.
The Cure is-
  • Robert Smith-voice, guitar, 6 string bass, keyboards
  • Simon Gallup-bass, keyboards
  • Porl Thompson-guitar
  • Boris Williams-drums, percussion
  • Perry Bamonte-guitar, 6 string bass, keyboards

  • Download all the tracks at once
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    Facination Street

    Friday I'm In Love

    Love Song

    Pictures of You

    Same Deep Water As You

    You can go to their new web site and download images, sounds, and get some information about the band.
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