User Interface

Shareware to customize your system software.

These Extensions and Control Panels are available for Macintosh. I am not sure if any are available for IBM compatibles.
Aaron by Greg Landweber and Edward Yoas is a extension that changes all your windows, menu bar, folders and a lot of other things to the new Copland look(Apple's new OS that should ship next year) that was featured in the lastest issues in MacUser and MacWorld.

BeView by Greg Landweber and Edward Yoas is a extension that changes your windows, menu bar, folders, and it changes your apple menu into the Be icon that is represented by the icon to the left. Be has made new computers with a new OS and this extension makes your mac look just like it.

LaVigne's Pointer by Ben LaVigne is a extension that changes your cursor to the Copland cursor that was in the lastest issue of MacUser and MacWorld.

Greg's Buttons by Greg Landweber is a control panel that gives you a lot of ways to customize your user interface, like the menu bar color, window color, button style, menu bar font, and lots more.

You can find all this shareware in America Online's software libraries.
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