Last Update: June 18, 1998 3:06 PM CST

Welcome to Mac Vision!

My site is made by a Mac user, for a Mac user; but if your on a PC I'll let you snoop around, you might find something to do. ;-)

Mac Vision serves two purposes: The first is for downloading some of the best Macintosh shareware and freeware. The second is for me. Meaning for me to share my life with you. You can view my art gallery and photo gallery or download some of my creations.

Please give me feedback by sending me email. I hope you enjoy your visit.

A redesign of the entire site. I have decided to get rid of all software pages except Games. I havn't added anything new to software and most of the downloads were out of date.

I trimmed down the links page to just my favorite sites and added descriptions to each link.

I will keep you updated of when and what I add to my site here on the front page. No more guessing if I have added anything new!

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