About Me

Computers (school, games, graphics, HTML, AOL, and Internet), photography.

Computer Experience:
I have worked on Apple computers since I was in Kindergarten. In 1994 my mom went out and bought me my first computer, the Apple Macintosh Performa 476. I got my current Macintosh, the Performa 6400, for Christmas '97.

I have learned a lot about PCs from my mom's boyfriend, John. We built a 486 desktop computer from his old hardware that he doesn't use anymore. The past couple months I have learned the most about PCs, even though I would prefer to use a Macintosh, it is still a good learning experience from someone I know that has a lot of experience using PCs. I am teaching him a lot about Macintoshes and one day I will have to teach him HTML, since I know that he wants his own web site.

Web Design:
A lot of people use programs that creates all the code for you. Those programs are usually for people that don't want to learn any computer languages. I chose to learn HTML instead of other options. Yes, those applications are good for people that just want a web page and don't want to play around with code. I think knowing HTML is good because It has increased my knowlege on how things work with the internet and world wide web.


Calvin - This is my attempt at looking at a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon and drawing it free-hand on my Mac.
Eye - My friend Jeremy and I took a old image of an eye with a skull in the pupil and replaced the whole eye ball with a real image of his friends eye and fixed it up nice and came out with this.
Funky - I just played around with all the textures and came up with this creation.
Lucky - This is a robot look for my sister's cat Lucky.
Monkey - When I first got this image from my mom's boyfriend John, the quality wasn't very good because it was a photocopy of a photocopy then scaned into the computer. Almost all of the wood wall was gone. What was left of it I cloned to fill in the spot that was missing. The shape was more like a inset next to the monkey, so I made it so it was like a poster on the wall. My mom's boyfriend is a Project Engineer at a trade show exhibit company and this picture was a good joke for them.
Mortal Kombat - I did this image while looking at a picture of the Mortal Kombat logo.
Tunnel - I was playing around with all the different paint bucket fills and it turned out to look like a tunnel.
Yin Yang

HyperCard Stacks

HyperCard Stacks are documents that are several pages that can contain text, animations, graphics, sound, and even video (in newer versions). You can create many things with HyperCard that are fun and useful.

Cards are what make up a stack and cards are linked together by buttons. HyperCard lets you create animations too, by a simple programming language that isn't that hard to learn.

In order to play these stacks you will need a Macintosh with System 7 or higher and HyperCard Player or HyperCard 2.1 or higher.

These are some stacks that I made in my HyperCard class in 8th grade, I am glad to say that I got A+'s on all of them.

How to take good photos

a how to stack that covers the basics of how to hold the camera, the right lens to use for the job, and a lot of tips.

Road Trip

a click button game of what would happen if you got in a certain accident and it animates it.

Peter's Christmas Stack

a click button animation of winter and christmas related activities.


office icons, computer icons, and more.

computers, hard drives and mice.


My pet hamster. R.I.P '96-'98


Disney World
14th birthday with my dad

Goose Xing

Peter - 10th grade yearbook
Peter - 9th grade professional
Peter - 9th grade yearbook
Peter - 1 year old - My friend Jeremy and I put a little message at the bottom. ;-)

Winter in Minnesota. When I took these photos it was -60 (with windchill)!!! Sorry, this isn't a very good travel brochure. ;-)