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April 17, 1998 - 10th Grade

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Dreamland, Skunkworks, The Ranch, Sleepy Hollow, Watertown, Nellis Air Force Base are all names for the secret military base better known as Area 51. The base, strange sightings, and the hope of explaining the unexplained are all reasons why people like Area 51 so much.

Area 51 is located inside the Groom Lake Air Force Base, just outside the small town of Rachel, Nevada. The name Area 51 is derived from a grid map reference marking just one of many areas in the desert. There was a time when a good view of the base could be had from the nearby Freedom Ridge mountain range, but the US military soon put a stop to the sightseeing by purchasing the surrounding area.

Virtually every night you can find countless UFO enthusiasts with high-powered telescopes and binoculars hoping to see a flying saucer. The entire base is surrounded by sophisticated camera surveillance equipment, able to read a carīs plate from several miles away. The roads leading up to the base are littered with motion trackers which detect passing vehicles. The baseīs perimeter is on constant patrol by security guards, known as "Cammo Dudes", because they are in camouflage uniforms and unmarked four-wheel drives. Numerous warning signs can be seen, advising tourists to keep out. The penalty for ignoring the signs is a visit from the local sheriff, a fine and a night in jail. However, the warning signs closer to the base are even more threatening. They advise that crossing the boundary will mean entering a restricted area where the use of deadly force is authorized.

Area 51 is the home of the worldīs longest runway, which is 6 miles. Regular flights arrive every day at Area 51. The planes that leave from Las Vegas to Area 51 are all white with a red stripe. These 737s are only identified on radio frequencies as Janet. If the workers donīt take the plane, then they take a white bus through the desert to the base. Workers that give knowledge to the outside world of Area 51 will be debriefed and threatened. Many stories of people being left out in the middle of the desert to die for speaking the truth about the base.

Stealth technology has been developed at Area 51. Many people think that this technology was reverse-engineered from alien technology. Meaning to work out how the UFOs are powered, and then to calculate how this new-found knowledge could be used in the aerospace industry. It has been reported that the workers at Area 51 were illegally burning waste materials from developing this Stealth technology. People have filed lawsuits against Area 51, because the workers were getting chemical poisoning from exposure to the substances used to create these silent planes. When the case went to court, the US Air Force came forward and publicly acknowledged that a secret military base does exist in the mountains north of Las Vegas, but they still deny the existence of any recovered alien spacecraft at the base.

There is way too much evidence that Area 51 does exist, but not enough evidence that alien technology is hidden within the hangers. The base, strange sightings and the hope of explaining the unexplained are all reasons why people like Area 51 so much.