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an eighth grade class; was probably the teachers favorite student, not to gloat ;-P

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25.jan.99 created school and moved area 51 there and added The Atomic Bomb and The Space Shuttle
. . . .
24.jan.99 added a new Bryce3D image in art
. . . .
13.jan.99 removed most of the older 2-D drawings from art.
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12.jan.99 changed all pages to match the new design.
. . . .
10.jan.99 i've added and changed so much stuff that I don't want to list it all, just look around
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2.jan.99 put up some photos of my cat in photos
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27.dec.98 added an ICQ Respond Panel
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25.dec.98 happy holidays!!
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20.dec.98 changed the logo on this page and changed the link colors to match
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18.dec.98 added more photos to photos, all photos in gallery and saturn are compressed more to load faster, and most of the photos in gallery and saturn have descriptions
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16.dec.98 made an intro page for index.html
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11.dec.98 new design for site!