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Apple Computer
Apple.com - Apple Computer HQ
Mac OS - Info about the Macintosh OS

Comic Strips
Calvin & Hobbes - My favorite comic re-lived every day
Dilbert - Get the strip every day and more

A d a m . M a t o s - phatness, pure phatness.
ARKMAY - Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and more.
Digital Computer Services - services ranging from networking to troubleshooting.
Sam Hartmann - check out the high scores page
Webby's Website - Titanic page, Scow sailing and more
Yeahwho? - excellent site design and everything that should be in a personal web site

Gamecenter - news, downloads and anything games
id Software - makers of Doom and Quake

Adobe - makers of Photoshop and Illustrator
Icon Factory - the best Mac icons on the web
ICE's Art World - Lot's of cool Bryce images
MetaCreations - makers of Painter and Bryce

My Mac - an excellent eZine
MacAddict - free CD with every issue
Macworld - the best Mac magazine

MacCentral - daily news and tips forum
Mac OS Rumors - daily rumors
Reality - updated twice a week
MacWEEK - daily news and reviews

Alta Vista
PC Webopedia

Mac Update
Pure Mac

Web Designing
Builder.com - tips and reviews for web designers
Creating Killer Websites
Top 20 Tips