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Peter Lee Bockenhauer - a.k.a peteman

April 14, 1981

Computers (school, games, graphics, web design, AOL and much more), photography, drawing, driving, sleeping, watching tv and movies, listening to music.

Student in high school

Pete's Saturn

Computer Experience:
I have worked on Apple computers since I was in Kindergarten. In 1994 my mom went out and bought me my first computer, the Apple Macintosh Performa 476. I got my current Macintosh, the Performa 6400, for Christmas 1997.

I have learned the workings of PCs inside and out from my mom's fiancÚ, John. We built a 486 desktop computer from his old hardware that he doesn't use anymore. I have learned the most about PCs, even though I would prefer to use a Macintosh, it is still a good learning experience from someone I know that has a lot of experience using PCs. I am teaching him a lot about Macintoshes and one day I will have to teach him HTML, since I know that he wants his own web site.

Web Design
I started experimenting with HTML sometime in 1996. I learned HTML from scratch, so I code all my pages. I've played with many different designs to present my content and I always have tried to keep my content interesting and my designs visually pleasing. I think the world wide web is an excellent place to present your individuality to others.

Personal Quote
"Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." -Ferris Bueller

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