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Peter Lee Bockenhauer

peteman, petri, petey, pete-sa man

[email protected]

April 14, 1981 2:15 PM CT

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My Car

My CD Collection
The Cure MIDI

A d a m . M a t o s - phatness, pure phatness.
ARKMAY - Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and more.
Sam Hartmann - check out the high scores page
Webby's Website - Titanic page, Scow sailing and more
Yeahwho? - excellent site design and everything that should be in a personal web site

X-country skiing

Comic Strips
Calvin & Hobbes

Computer Specifications

Computer Experience
I have worked on Apple computers since I was in Kindergarten. In 1994 my mom went out and bought me my first computer, the Apple Macintosh Performa 476. I received my current Macintosh, the Performa 6400, for Christmas 1997.

I have learned the workings of PCs inside and out from my mom's fiancÚ, John. We built a 486 desktop computer from his old hardware that he doesn't use anymore. I have learned the most about PCs, even though I would prefer to use a Macintosh, it is still a good learning experience from someone I know that has a lot of experience using PCs. I am teaching him a lot about Macintoshes and one day I will have to teach him HTML, since I know that he wants his own web site.

Web Design
I started experimenting with HTML sometime in 1996. I learned HTML from scratch, so I code all my pages. I've played with many different designs to present my content and I always have tried to keep my content interesting and my designs visually pleasing. I think the world wide web is an excellent place to present your individuality to others.

Web designing links:
Creating Killer Websites
Top 20 Tips

"Life is what happens while you are making other plans." -Kuffs

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