Less Is More Problem

Quarter 1 Jul. 10, 2000-Sep. 23, 2000 (Class: Fundamentals of Design)

Description: Using the technique of stippling, I created the image of an African Grey parrot going off of a photograph.

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Problem #1. In keeping with the idea "less is more," choose one of the following: an industrial object, animal, plant, or insect, and using black and white only, design it in its entirety by simplifying its physical characteristics into flat negative and positive shapes.

Problem #2. Crop the original design you created for Problem #1, yet retain its readability.

Problem #3. Drastically crop the design you created for Problem #1 so readability is no longer a factor. Abstract shapes are the main concern.

Problem #4. Reverse the chosen design in its entirety. All black areas become white while all white areas become black. This holds true for the background as well.

Problem #5. Execute the chosen design using black and white plus one additional color.

Problem #6. Execute the chosen design in full color.

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