I am Peter Bockenhauer and this is my personal site. I was born in 1981 in La Crosse, WI and currently living in Minneapolis, MN with my wife. When I'm not working my day job as an IT Manager for a graphics company, I am doing web development.

At an early age I showed interest in expressing myself visually. I always loved to doodle/draw/sketch/etc whenever I could. In elementary school, I grew fond of computers and all the ways I could express myself with them. For some reason computers came very easy to me. The creative/artistic side of me loved to design computer graphics and the analytical side loved to take the computer apart and put it back together.

In 1996, I discovered America Online and soon after, the world wide web. Once I saw other people online sharing their pictures on web sites, I wanted to do the same. I never liked learning from a book, I need to just do it to learn. I would look at other's HTML code and copy it for myself. As my understanding of HTML grew, I created my first site. I posted images I created on the computer, HyperCard stacks I created in high school, and icons I designed for the Mac. It seemed as soon as I finished a new re-design of my website, I would get bored with it and would want to re-design it all over again.

I spent most of my Senior year of high school in the computer lab, learning about different types of software and hardware. The first site I created that wasn't my own was my high school's technology department web site. After high school I decided to attend The Art Institutes International and study graphic design. I graduated in 2002 with my Associate in Applied Science for Graphic Design.

I spent a little under a year actually doing graphic design for a living. Fixing computers and helping people with computers has always been a part of my life, so it's no wonder I decided to do that full time. Currently I work on the other side of graphic design. I support users that are doing what I went to school for. I still do web development on the side when I'm not working on my own site.