Firefox Bookmark Keywords

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In Firefox you can pick keywords for your bookmarks.  I find this very useful for quickly loading websites.

Firefox Bookmark Window

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Missing WordPress 3.1 Admin Bar

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After upgrading my sites to WordPress 3.1, I found that some of my older custom themes were not displaying the new Admin Bar.  I realized that these themes did not have the wp_footer() function in footer.php.

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

After adding this in (just before the closing body and html tags), the admin bar shows up fine.  This function is used by some plugins as well, so it’s good to make sure you always add this into your themes.

Roku XD Review

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HuluPlus-on-RokuRoku is a small box you connect to your television that allows you to stream movies, TV shows, and music across the internet.  It works in conjunction with Netflix streaming, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video on Demand, and many other content providers.  Essentially, it allows you to watch a lot of content on your TV that you would usually only be able to watch on your computer.

About a year ago, we ditched cable and opted for network stations only.  This was fine since during the week we usually only watch primetime anyway, however the weekends are usually pretty sparse of good programming.  Netflix streaming breathed new life into the Nintendo Wii, but for now it’s only past TV seasons and movies can take longer to become available.

A deal on the Roku player showed up on Amazon, so we decided to get it.  Since we are waiting for our TV’s to die before we buy again, all of them are old “tube” style (standard definition) with limited ports.  The Roku player is currently the only streaming player on the market that has the old RCA connectors, which is the only connection our televisions will take.

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nth-child for Internet Explorer

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The nth-child pseudo-class allows you to match elements on the basis of their positions within a parent element. A good use case for nth-child, is for menu navigation separators that are in-between each item like this:

If you were to just apply a border-left to each list item, you would have a line before the first item on the left. To remove the border-left on the first item, we use nth-child:

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RSS Feed for Facebook Pages

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I noticed that Facebook Pages no longer (or did they ever?) have the RSS feed readily available in the browser. Sometimes I’ll need the feed to pop into a WordPress plugin like Better RSS Widget to display recent Facebook posts.  To get this feed, just follow these steps:

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View all Balances

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My wife and I have always used, but ever since she got Prime we have been buying more and more.  We also get gift cards and rewards for tweeting, etc.  So one day I was searching for our balances and apparently they bury it pretty good.  I’ve found where you view your gift card balance, but the others aren’t as easy to find.  I just wanted a place to view all balances in one spot.

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Email Signatures

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I use email every day.  I wouldn’t say I receive a lot of email, but I rely heavily on it for my job.  Over the years, I’ve noticed a trend to try and cram as much information into the signature of the email.  It’s like people think that’s it’s free advertising for themselves.  All text signatures don’t seem to bother me as much, but it can get out of hand in some cases.  I want to go over some of the email signatures I’ve seen and why they drive me batty.

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3RVX: On-screen Volume Display

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One feature on Mac OS X that I miss on Windows, is the on-screen volume display.  Sure Dell has the QuickSet application that displays an on-screen meter when adjusting the volume.  However, I noticed that sometimes the volume meter would either display behind windows or not display at all.  Also, it appears that sometimes the caps-lock key would steal focus from the current window when QuickSet is installed.

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Hey there!  Welcome to Love/Hate Technology.  My name is Peter Bockenhauer and this is my blog about technology.  This will be my place to write about all things tech that I am interested in.  That will range from tutorials on how to setup WordPress features, Media Temple hosting setup, reviews on software and hardware or just interesting links I have found.